Rubber bracelets and armbands are called various names, including ‘gel’ or ‘jelly,’ but the name is used most prominently in the industry and wholesale companies. Rubber band bracelet kits are available from wholesale companies.


  • Even more accessible designs, such as the single pattern rubber band bracelet kit, may need a lot of practice if you have a kindergartener. However, if your kid is serious about doing it properly, you will watch them practice and attempt again and again. Persistence is a skill that will be useful when they learn a new sport, read, play a musical instrument, or engage in any recent activity.


  • This is related to perseverance and is a crucial ability for children to acquire when they begin school. Children seldom succeed the first time they attempt, and they must be patient to try again. Not being irritated and learning how to work through setbacks—which are unavoidable as children learn to construct new and more complex patterns on the Rainbow Loom—is a vital ability for school-age children to gain.


  • What will it look like when a pattern is used to make it? What happens when an item or form is flipped upside down, sideways, or rotated? Kids will master these abilities as they work with Rainbow Loom rubber band bracelets kits to build their desired bracelets. And since visualizing things is a crucial ability in arithmetic, Rainbow Loom, like online math games, is a surprisingly entertaining math-related pastime. 


  • When your kid sketches or utilizes items from their arts and crafts box to make something, they use their creativity and learn to think creatively. Similarly, a youngster who picks the colors of rubber bands and determines how to arrange them on the Rainbow Loom to make sure pattern bracelets is learning how to design and utilize their creativity to make something concrete and tangible. Following a pattern provides a low-risk chance for youngsters who struggle with ‘free range’ creativity to make something by merely making a few accessible selections, such as color and form.

Increasing self-esteem and self-confidence

  • When children first come to therapy, it is a new experience for them, and it usually takes some time to understand the conventions and regulations for this sort of contact.
  • We’ve found that beginning with a familiar pastime may assist in immediately creating rapport and boosting self-confidence. Early in therapy, children often don’t know what to say or how to behave, but asking them to demonstrate how to build a bracelet allows them to relax into something they know how to do.
  • Many children of all ages (and adults!) engage better when they are interested in another endeavor. It lowers the possibility of feeling ‘interrogated’ with so many questions and is an excellent method to refocus all that anxious fidgeting. It is accessible to wholesale companies.


  • Children who are determined to accomplish something may frequently surprise us by sitting still, following directions, and staying on target. You must observe, read, and consistently apply new knowledge to learn how to manufacture loom bands.

Fine motor abilities

  • Loom bands improve proper pencil grip and increase delicate grabbing motions in children with fine motor skills by increasing dexterity. Numerous Occupational Therapist blogs extolling the Rainbow Loom’s value in teaching and recovering these essential skills.

Perceptual abilities

  • Creating a pattern requires the ability to visualize what the ultimate product should look like. Several bracelet designs include turning the peg board and imagining how something will appear from the sides and below.
  • Children must also use basic arithmetic abilities to determine how many bands of each color are required to build different sizes of bracelets and rings. Furthermore, younger students are taught terminology they will use later in geometry (e.g., rhombus and hexagon designs).

Social abilities

  • Loom bands are popular among both sexes, and the skills may be taught to youngsters as young as four with supervision. Children may be encouraged to improve their leadership qualities by passing on their knowledge to others. For youngsters unsure about initiating new connections, creating or requesting to join others in an activity is typically a safe alternative.


When looking for a rubber band bracelet kit that is less in weight, more efficient, and has a broader performance range, you will notice several possibilities. Rubber band bracelet kits are available from wholesale companies. Take your time in locating wholesale companies of rubber band bracelet kits that are suitable for the area in which you want to utilize them since this is critical to their durability.


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